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English Test options for ESL students - ThoughtCo.com
English Exams - English Club
Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - Wikipedia
US Citizenship Test Material - Voice of America
ILR Scale
Cambridge Assessment English Language Test
Good Luck TOEFL
Good Luck IELTS
Good Luck TOEIC

TOEFL Test Prep

Good Luck TOEFL - A good directory
TOEFL Videos - EngVid
TOEFL Study Guides - ThoughtCo.com
TOEFL Test - ETS.org
TOEFL Test Prep Course - EdX
Test English Skills - EFset.org
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Magoosh - TOEFL Format
Notefull - TOEFL Reading Strategy
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EngVid English with Adam - IELTS/TOEFL Writing Task 2
Learn TOEFL with Daniel - TOEFL Speaking Practice
Thoughtco - Free Online TOEFL Study Guides
Magoosh - TOEFL Study Plan

IELTS Test Prep

IELTS - ielts.org
Understanding IELTS - Future Learn MOOC
Understanding IELTS Format - RNM Training
IELTS Academic Test Preparation - Edx
GoodLuckIELTS - A good directory
IELTS Videos - EngVid
IELTS Reading Test Prep - EngVid English with Emma
IELTS Reading Multiple Choice - E2 IELTS
IELTS Writing: How to Score an 8 in Writing Task 2 - E2 IELTS
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IELTS Speaking Task 1: - EngVid English with Emma
IELTS Speaking Task 2 - EngVid English with Emma
IELTS Speaking Task 3 - E2 IELTS
Speaking Examples Tasks 1, 2, and 3 - Tony IELTS Box

TESOL Certification

Arizona State University - TESOL Certificate Part 1
Arizona State University - TESOL Certificate Part 2